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Avengers: Endgame

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

It's been a while that I haven't got a new blog here. Simply is that there's no creative as such kind that could touches my heart since then. And this one, caught me right through my vain. I'm not a fan of superhero films in particular, and yet, Avengers is an exceptional. I'm those general audience that I have watched a few of franchises such as Iron Man, Captain America and Ant-man, and that's it. I don't even remember which episode I have watched about them. Those only let me know who is Iron Man, who is Captain and who is Ant-man, nothing more. So I went to the cinema for Avengers with very limited knowledge, which I could not even say there's any background in it at all. I could go for days for Harry Potter and sorry for the Avengers. Now, I'm proud to say that I'm one of a fans for Avengers.

After Endgame, I go back to nearly all the franchises one by one, and get the "full" pictures from them. I also go for the "spoilers", reviews, commenters, summaries, all kinds of informations to get that right in my head. I'd love the fact that now I could manage to name all the Avengers, all the casts, all the conspiracy theory behind, even all the plots that contains special meaning and possible threads to the next. I'm just crazy about it!

Why I'm so fascinated about Avengers? It's because I'm a creative that I could imagine fakely how much, how complex, how deep and wide the work that involved in Avengers. Starting from simply pulling all the characters from the comics by Stan Lee, giving them a real life and personality that could fit into real cast, live-action movies, and expand to the family tree with 18 notable members (I'm sure those vanished heroes and heroines should be counted and will end up like more than 30 of them) with all the leads and open endings. How to measure what should adapt and what could edit from the original, how to create a look for each from costumes to props and makeup, how to build the sets, how to build a timeline that make sense, how to put elements in that could stick different franchises together etc.

Go and watch the AVENGERS: ENDGAME please~

Besides the Endgame itself, there's so many creativity beyond. If you go to pinterest, you will find a lot of fans they are so dedicated and creative about Avengers. Starting from photo compositing, illustrations and even build there own stories in comics. Check some of them below and you will get what I mean.

How great people could graphically illustrate theme images for episodes that linking to each other
Well done photoshop for RIP Stan Lee

Another way to portray the respect on Stan Lee

So, if you love creative, you shouldn't miss Avengers and especially the Endgame!

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