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We are the cancer of the earth

Everyone knows that human is a threat to the earth. However how many of us really feel that we need to stop? How many of us take action after realisation? How many of us truly understand and feel the pain of it? I love animals, and even I feel guilt to ignore some of the issue. I still can't be a true vegan, I still waste and damage the green. There are a lot that I can do but I choose to stay comfy and stay away the pain of realisation. Blinding myself to see the truth. See what is happening to our earth. Here is an animation which really slap me on my face again...

I have composed a song about this topic as We are the cancer of the earth a while back. By clicking on the image below, you will able to listen to a rough recording. I wish you will hear my voice about this topic. Please save the world together as much as you can.

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