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Back-to-Busk Originals Showcase pt.1

Back-to-Busk performed a set of original songs on 28 Feb 2017 at The Wanch for the first time (composers: Anson, Beryl and Eric). Here is one of the videos from the night that I composed!! Also thanks to all the wonderful people who made it that night, your support was phenomenal!! #backtobusk #original #songs

Let me share this song "Within Me" to you. It is my first attempt to compose a worship song.

Within Me Composed by beryl.k. | Lyrics by Andy Kun Performed by Back-to-Busk Lead vocal: Beryl | Keyboard: Judy Hui | Guitar: Eric | Bass: JLoh | Drum: Pitt | Back vocal: Anson Some say you live in the sky / The truth is you were never that far Only if we open our ears our eyes / You’ve been right on the other side of the door

Some think you are in Heaven / But the fact is you have always been here Only if we choose to see to hear / You have always been right within us

You’ve always been within me within me Lord / Your Love so wide and deep, embracing me everyday Everyday, set a fire in us, set a fire in us / Within me, within me that’s where you are all along

I will share more in the following week.

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