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Back-to-Busk Originals Showcase pt.2

Let me recap again. Back-to-Busk preformed a set of original songs on 28 Feb 2017 at The Wanch for the first time (composers: Anson, Beryl and Eric). Here is another one of the videos from the night that I composed. #backtobusk #original #songs

This song is called "Invisible Scar"

Bad experience from the past is like an invisible scar in our hear. The pain from it could be enormous. Then we tried hard to stop the pain by numbing ourself by stop feeling. And yet, we didn't realise that stop feeling also comes with stop getting happiness, until we are brave enough to face our pain again...

Invisible Scar

Composed by beryl.k.

Performed by Back-to-Busk

Vocal: Beryl | Keyboard: Judy Hui | Bass: JLoh | Drum: Pitt

Invisible scar / Why can’t the people out there see it?

Invisible scar / Why can’t I see it when I can feel it?

The pain is real / But no proof, so no cured

Invisible scar / Sitting deep inside my heart

Invisible scar / Weighting so much that sinks in the dark

The pain is deep / So deep that no one can relieve it

If only someone could see my scar and point it out right here

So it could be embraced with love / Purified with a kiss

If only someone could see my scar and point it, it could be healed

Just by one touch / with just one kiss / The curse would be broken. Free!

From time to time / I forget there’s a scar that I cannot see

And the pain goes numb / I hardly sense it’s here

And time goes by / I can’t even force a smile / Numbness blocks all my senses

I cannot remember / and I cannot feel / What am I?

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